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University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow's Campus Development programme is a £1 billion investment in our estate over ten years to expand our world class campus and facilities.
We are redeveloping the 14 acre site of the former Western Infirmary to build a mix of modern research, teaching and public spaces.
Our Campus Development Programme will mean the University remains a centre for world-renowned research as well as a vibrant community hub and centre for public engagement.
The new campus will sit at the heart of the city's cultural quarter, creating a new public route between the University and the Kelvingrove, Kelvinhall and the Riverside museums.


KOSEN - KMITL is an educational institute that is established according to the engineering workforce development program. Technology and innovation Support investment and increase industrial capacity in the country and region. Established under the cabinet resolution on 4 December 2018, with the Office of the Basic Education Commission and the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology to be responsible for the project as proposed by the Ministry of Education.



Your Education,Your Life, Your School,Our Time Is Now.
Using our knowledge to change the world and inspiring other people
We are more than just an educational institute. Our role is to be a technology enabler for the corporates to create the talents for the country and build the knowledge needed to solve the problems of industry and other businesses in long terms. We are aiming to equip all of students for the 21st century, with an emphasis on improving their understanding of knowledge.


42 Bangkok aims to produce quality programmers and IT developers, currently a scarce resource worldwide, through a teaching format that responds to learning in the disruptive era. This new era of learning will demonstrate that learning is not limited to university, reducing the need to use old systems, and finally reflecting the mission of KMITL which aims to drive the potential of the youth and personnel to prepare for an economy where society is driven by innovation, proving to be a disruptive turning point as digital disruption in the Thai education industry.


สจล.คิดค้นนวัตกรรม AI "เค-เวจจี้ สกรีน" เครื่องตรวจจับสารพิษตกค้างในผักผลไม้แบบพกพา