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B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering (International Program)

ทำไมต้องเรียน วศ.บ. B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering (International Program) ?

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest of the engineering disciplines. Today it is still a very broad and diverse field of engineering that will applies in almost every aspect of life. From a deep tunnel under the earth to the space exploration, mechanical engineers involve in design, analysis, manufacturing and maintenance of machineries and equipment which are the most critical elements of our civilization. There are lots of career opportunities lying ahead of students who can pursue the degree of this challenging field. Major industries, which inquire mechanical engineers, include automotive, aviation, power plant, railway, construction and building system, appliance manufacturers and many more. In modern world, many branches of mechanical engineering have integrated with other fields, creating state of art technologies such as artificial intelligence in robotics, autonomous vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles. Mechanical engineers often find themselves working closely among other scientists and engineers in many areas such as petro-chemical mechatronics, biomedical, and various researches or developments cannot be accomplished without the existence of mechanical engineers.

ทำไมต้องเรียน วศ.บ. B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering (International Program) ที่ สจล. ?

With our long experience and the great reputation in engineering filed, our mechanical engineering program at KMITL can provide you the path to become a grate mechanical engineer. Our program is designed to use the powerful computational technology in understanding and solving mechanical problems. We will prepare you not only to become a conventional and keen engineer, but also a modern scientist who can design and fabricate real inventions via our project-based learning assignments which are planned in several courses throughout our program. Through the hands-on practicing and guidance from our experienced faculty members, you will learn great deal about being a handy engineer. Apart from the technical knowledge in mechanical engineering, you will also learn soft skills required to be an outstanding engineer such as creativity, communication and collaboration skills. Although we are just starting to offer the mechanical engineering program for international segment, we have a good long history of our current program. It is considered one of the most popular mechanical engineering programs in the nation. There are numerous examples from our successful alumni who have trusted and applied in our program.


วิศวกรเครื่องกล (Mechanical Engineer) เริ่มต้นรายได้ 20,000-40,000 บาท
วิศวกรเมคาทรอนิคส์ (Mechatronic Engineer) เริ่มต้นรายได้ 20,000-40,000 บาท
วิศวกรการผลิต (Production Engineer) เริ่มต้นรายได้ 20,000-35,000 บาท
วิศวกรโรงงาน (Factory Engineer) เริ่มต้นรายได้ 20,000-35,000 บาท
วิศวกรซ่อมบำรุง (Maintenance Engineer) เริ่มต้นรายได้ 20,000-30,000 บาท
วิศวกรระบบ (System Engineer) เริ่มต้นรายได้ 20,000-35,000 บาท
วิศวกรฝ่ายขาย (Sale Engineer) เริ่มต้นรายได้ 15,000-25,000 บาท + commission”


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Faculty of Engineering

B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering (International Program)

B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering (International Program)