When the University's 4-year educational system never is cared for this age Thai universities will be standing on the really terrible situation ever been in the history.


By ... Professor Dr. Suchatvee Suwansawat, the president of the Innovation Institute of Smart Community, and the President of KMITL.


If you want to know how the next 20 years will be and can the country be competing against other countries? the answers of such wonder are very easy just look back and see the studying situation of our children studying in kindergarten or elementary school. If they cannot be competitive to those of the children of Singapore, China, Korea, or even Malaysia, for another 20 years, Thailand must become worse even worse than the other ones. It becomes lagging educational time.


It will show the signal that Thailand Destiny is not in the hands of parents or grandparents anymore but it will be in the little hands of the children to destine the future. If Thai children always lack discipline, never stand on their legs, never work harder, and never be smart enough for mathematics and science, the destiny of Thai children will be never meet the bright light at the end of the tunnel absolutely.



Moreover, with the characteristics of modern children with the high self of free mind and unusual ability to unlimitedly access to global information, it must be the very hard time to take care of them from the times at the nursery since kindergarten till the end of the university. Terribly, they may not be interested in the achievement of their universities degree and they never care about their destinies… “I don’t care.” They always feel that they do not care, university life will never answer their answers. The gap between universities’ and theirs will be much wider!


 The emotion “I don’t care” will tell the feeling of carelessness that their professions should be fitted to their degrees they earned. If the degree does not provide the free life (freedom) they need, they will do other professions instead; some graduated engineers from well-known universities run coffee shops while some accounting ones with Honors Degrees run clothing stores.  Mentioning to economical principle or social senses, it really becomes a pity that the graduates have never followed their fields of studies.


 The four - years courses of the university, so may not be suitable for this age. This is not any fault of anyone, it just depends on individual reason; however, it should be thinkable issue for the time of the new generation, the time of lucky children who always are superior to us, the older ones; they can access more information easier than the time of us, and they are climbing their lives to reach their dreams.

Thai education pattern should absolutely be reformed in what ways, traditional ones should be changed or not? If the old style remains, the Thailand Destiny on the age of this generation one must not be going beyond the worse barriers.


Today's destinies of Thai universities are in a terrible situation worse than those of ever in history; lesser number of children having the university’s entrances, the more seats for accepting, the lesser students applying, traditional courses always remain with obligations against the proper improvement to be competitive to the world classes, private supports become lesser for the fact that they always think that it should be the mission of the government.


The structures of professions and workforces of smartness of the nation are terribly under distorting forms along the age of Thai children who always are shouting that “I don’t care”. Repeating of the comments, “understanding” and “approaching” into the minds of the children of this generation, and “being brave” to suddenly reform or disrupt the change to rebuild the new better time for the children of the new generation; anyone never care self must be more concerned than the normal one. If adult ones still have never cared for such a terrible thing, Thailand’s Destiny will be having no one to pay attention to anymore.

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