In the era of Thailand 4.0, application of technology to help for traffic safety is the most essential part of safety for Thai people's lives….

Looking Forward to Thai Destiny…TECHNOLOGY CAN RESCUE LIVES… (


By ... Professor Dr. Suchatvee Suwansawat, the president of the Innovation Institute of Smart Community, and the President of KMITL.


The news of the car with its problem parking on the sideway of the expressway and the driver was hit by another car till fell down dead and the news of the driver was sunk in the flood while driving in the tunnel under the railroad into his village could make all Thai people sad to hear such kind of repeated accidents, without the mention of the casualties of road accidents ranked at the top of the world every year. For the time closer to the next coming New Year, how many people will be the victims to sacrifice lives to such repetitive problems? To prove that if the lifestyles always are done throughout the unusual old way, the tragedy result will be usually going on the same as the vocabulary defined that the accident translated from the Royal Society dictionary meant the incident occurred unexpectedly. Coincidence may not be used in case of such the mentioned death cases because such horror could be predictable and preventable. Having the behavior of too fast driving on the sideway is really dangerous because the sideways should be the way for emergency only, such as parking for broken car, or emergency delivery. If we use it as the usual driving channel, In case of the incidents of serious illness, fire, or other necessities, no way to survive must be empty. It was still believed that the driving behavior of Thai people also remains polite and courteous. However, in a rush time of terrible traffic, it may cause of emotional irritability and try to find other faster lanes to move forward. The present traffic control is admitted that it’s very difficult.  Using the shoulder lane may be done in the only rush hour but should not be done all along the lane. The proper safety zone for emergency must be managed.  If only having police control the traffic by waving hands as the traffic signal, it will stay not good enough because it is both dangerous and not effective. Using replacement technology of Intelligent traffic camera systems installed along the highway and Donmuang Tollway can be more effectively optional. The Intelligent cameras can also identify vehicles that run along the shoulder lane and suddenly alarm the LED warning signs along the way before the possible accident. The computer system AI or artificial intelligence can also be used to open - close the appropriate channel at any time immediately. The accident loss can be prevented by application of the utilization of proper technology. In case of the broken pump at the sewage flood at the traffic tunnel and made the driver drown dead, at present, there are proper sensors installed to the pump, whenever having the system crashes, it will signal to close the tunnel’s entrance immediately, no need to use people control, easy with safety of high efficiency (More effective than people do). Today, proper technology can be helping for traffic safety. It could be the most necessary technique to be helpful for the life safety for Thai people living the Thailand 4.0's lives.

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