At this moment, it is the moment of artificial intelligence and internet trend; it can present better educational condition than teachers’; however, it cannot be a substitute for teacherhood and approaching.  

By ... Professor Dr. Suchatvee Suwansawat, the president of the Innovation Institute of Smart Community, and the President of KMITL.

"The big brother Ae Rapped for understanding and approaching"


Ordinary Mobile clip when the KMITL’s president, the big brother Ae, and the  Dean team showing up to rap stage for introducing King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang or KMITL  become the famous clip that has attracted more than 3 million social media views in less than a week and has become the phenomenon of Talk of the Town again since the last Student Orientation Festival of Thai University when the big brother Ae pretended to be a freshy on the day of orientation in 2015. Normally, each year the daily orientation will begin 4 am. at Hua Lamphong Railway Station when teachers and senior students are waiting for the freshmen to take a train from Hua Lamphong to King Mongkut's station, the historic railway station located at KMITL. Traditionally, it became the freshmen welcoming ceremony on the train of KMITL. When the freshmen went off the train and I saw the teachers and senior students from all faculties staying in lines and sang, danced, and played drum loudly to cheerfully welcome them to walk them on the Skywalk, the giant bridge overpass, into the auditorium to join the freshmen of more than 6,000 students. They loudly sang the traditional symbolical songs before all the executives of KMITL getting onto the stage in the center of the auditorium. It's like the lines of pollen surrounded by the lines of petals. Vice President for Student Development has presented the brief welcome speech before the light dimmed...and then the rap music went on and the big brother Ae in a jacket dress with a dragon and swan painting, wearing a cap and a rapper's goggles, getting a microphone and staring singing rapper’s song immediately. The Deans of Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Architecture, and Music Engineering College started chorus rapping onto the stage while the loud scream of the freshy happened over the Hall till the music became faded. At the end of the rapper surrounding, the president took off the rapper jacket and glasses to back to the presidency to address the president’s speech to the student. The speech present about let’s be united of no institutional boundaries; be united with educational discipline for Thai society only. In fact, the president did not expect that Thai society would pay attention to the activities of this university. Maybe it could reflect the feeling to see the Changes in Thai Education that the president wanted to see university students became the Hope of the country. Everyone knew well that the new generation was better and smarter than the former generation because they could access to modern technology, media, and information effectively. However, they always loved freedom with self-confidence and lower tolerance, short concentration, and it could be more difficult for teachers to deal with them if the Teacher never changed the attitudes from traditional ways to tactical ones. The new technological educational tactics should be completely focused on all the visions of knowledge, profession, moral to social, social activities, and research like many global famous universities did. The leaders of changes must be produced throughout such visions.

 The Rapper's Rector displaying must not be just for fun to new friends but additionally must be for requesting the right understanding that teachers and educational administrators must suitably adapt because today teachers are not just the ones who only teach, but must be the friendly mentors, brothers, and friends whom to the Students can approach and interact. For the moment of the AI age when the artificial intelligence and the Internet can provide knowledge more effectively, It becomes faster than teachers capability; however, it must be never superior to teacher’s for the fact that it will never replace the capability of teacherhood, the spirit of teacher that the students always interactively can understand and approach anytime.

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