By ... Professor Dr. Suchatvee Suwansawat, President of  Smart Community Innovation Institute, and President  of KMITL

The scenes of Laos people escaping the terrible flood onto the roofs after the disastrous flood of over 5,000 cubic meters of dam water had sunk the villages below the damaged  Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy dam became the scenes of sadness to the world.  The damage affects a large area along with many deaths and still missing with huge damaged properties. This disaster must the biggest disaster of the decade to Laos, the close neighbor country to Thailand. The country of the areas of about 2.3 hundred thousand kilometer squares which are about half of Thai’s. Most areas of Laos of about 3/4 are high mountain and plateau with huge virgin forests and river streams including the Mekong River, the main river stretching from north to south. Laos has a low population density with low income mainly from agricultural occupation. Currently, Lao PDR earns revenue from hydroelectric power generation for export. The biggest main customer of Laos dam electric power generation is Thailand. Laos has named as the battery of Asian absolutely. This huge disaster is not the first damage because it had ever happened but it could minorly destroy the country. The dam project is considered the mega one of high technology staring with field surveying topography, designing and calculating, constructing, and utilization. Dam is the man-made architectural construction to be the huge controllable massive reservoir, the huger the dam is, the higher massive water pressure the dam provides, especially, the dam for electric power generating. Expert dam engineers must exactly calculate and design to be suitable for challenging huge massive reservoir water because no one exactly knows how tolerance of the dam able to keep it complete for the next 100 or 200 or more years long with unpredictable of the future mass of kept water. The calculation then must be compensated to be most matched the massive of the future water mass to technically prevent a possible disaster. The huge damage from this incident could teach us how-to lessons; 1. mega-dam project is high risky one, any only little fault can cause very sudden big damage, 2. Emergency plans must be prior provided. For the case of this damage, it has found some crack of the dam 1 day before the incident, but no exact warning has been announced, and 3. the cause of this damage must be suddenly proved to be preventively useful for other hundreds of dams constructed and under construction. KMITL, close alliance of Laos, having long supported engineering instruction courses to Laos since the beginning and Thai-Lao Friendship Association, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then arranges the charity concert which will be held on Thursday, August 2, 2018, at 5.00 pm.  at the main hall of the Faculty of Engineering, KMITL. At the concert, the Ambassador of Laos active in Thailand will be waiting for the donation directly by himself. Or can be donated through Siam Commercial Bank, bank account number 088-262988-4,




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