Engineerings and Tham Luang, Chiang Rai

Posttoday: Monday, July 9th, 2561, Year 15th  Vol.No. 5632

Engineering and Tham Luang, Chiang Rai

By ... Prof. Dr. Suchatvee Suwansawat, President of the Innovation Institute of Smart Community, the President of KMITL

I wrote this column on Saturday, July 7th last week. The best news could not beyond the story of finding all the 13 members of the Wild Boar Academy Team still safe. It could prove that the mass hope and encouragement could make miracles happen. And as a result of the overwhelming dedication of the rescuers on the rescue mission, from public and private sectors, volunteers from both domestic and overseas and also from other local people who may not have directly helped the rescue work but sacrificed agricultural land as the drainage areas. The housekeepers have supported cooking, washed the toilet, made everything helpful for the rescue. These voluntary supportive works beneficial for the rescue could not be found elsewhere. It is to achieve the mission and save the Boar Team back home.

The rescue team absolutely tried several possible techniques to save them out of the cave; by reducing the water level such as 1. Pumping water out directly from the opening of the cave and try to move the big water pump to work at the deepest location. 2. Pumping groundwater at the entrance of the cave having water hole combining to the underground water, and 3. constructing a small weir for the water floodway to prevent upper water flows into the cave, these could effectively result in lower water level gradually. As the rescue engineers try to drill the cave from the top of the hill to make a small hole to the team survivors location together with other teams are trying to find other holes of the caves that may be connected to the mission position inside the caves. All the cave missions are simultaneously done following the life rescue strategies of the in-time mission. Every life must utmostly struggle against time-consuming.  Everybody must work so hard that they became exhausted, finally, voluntary Seal Force has been sacrificed his life on the mission and make the whole world feel upset. 

Highlight on the teachings of Professor Herbert Einstein, my advisor at MIT, the world genius professional in mechanics and tunnel mechanics, he always teaches "Underground working is always risky. Underground workers always must be cautious ". Even though the rescue practitioners are always highly experienced, with the limitations of space, pressure, haste, unexpected accidents may be happened, and also with the concern of everyone, many feedback comments may be coming to all to the rescuers.

I believe that the teams are aware of and understand and always listen to all suggestions possible, but with the restrictions in the area and the situation, some people may not clearly see and understand it. It then must be the major matter that we all must more understand and sympathize with the teams. The Tham Luang mission then may become the legend helpful for anyone able to write a rescue bible, because all the technologies of rescue in the world have been presented both the surveying engineering requiring to both satellite and laser coordination, Geotechnical engineering requiring to cave penetration. Engineering of water resources requiring to groundwater drill, Telecommunication engineering requiring to communication, Materials Engineering Requiring to foil blanket property, Electrical Engineering requiring to all electrical power, Aeronautical Engineering requiring to the use of drone surveying flight, Robotics Engineering requiring to expected Underwater Explorer Robot, Food engineering requiring to food-producing for astronauts, and Medical Engineering requiring to medical instrument to the rescue mission. It can show that many fields of Engineering works always related to the great influence on the rescue missions possible, even Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and MySpace, also feels interested in helping the mission with the technique of the space engineering and of the tunnel engineering. He has sent his engineers to the rescue area. It must be watched more what would be the other engineering fields that can be helpful more for the mission. Interestingly,  the Governor Narongsak Osottanakorn, the former governor of the northern Chiang Rai province is also a civil engineer, Master's degree from the USA, he then can be leading the Rescue Team with skill and engineering knowledge. It must be lucky for the trapped Boar that they must be returning home safely very soon. It is because every way and every engineering feasibility must be fully mobilized to the rescue missions. However, most importantly, the mind power of Thai beings to Thai beings must be networked to absolutely support to this operation fully


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