KMITL’s Engineering in the Generation of the Digital and Ecommerce.

Recommendation to the EduGuide 4.0 show last broadcasted on TV 5, May 22,2018, listen to Assoc.Prof.Anuwat Jangwanitlert, senior vice president of academic administration of KMITL, talking about necessity and mission on E-Commerce in the generation of digital economy, KMITL’s curriculums related to development of innovation and its distribution channels together with Alibaba Group Holding cooperation.

And also listen to Assoc.Prof.Komsan Maleesee, dean of Faculty of Engineering, KMITL, talking about tendency of improvement of Engineering courses to produce Global Engineer from the achievement of KMITL Engineering Project Day 2018, what is the direction for innovation development responding to problems and needs and how to achieve the innovated work and Strat Up.

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