The Host of New Generation

(Post Today:      Monday, May 7, 2018, Year: 16, Volume 5569,)

Looking Forward to Thailand’s Destiny

Prof.Dr.Suchatvee Suwansawat,    the Speaker of the Council of University Presidents of Thailand. 

The Host of New Generation 

TCAS, Thai University Central Admission System, will step toward the 3rd round in this month; however, some changes may cause some problems, but our resolution of inequality reduction to meet social balance still remains essential; all students must be asked for being more diligent and inspired and it must be believed that any expected field of study must be yours certainly.  

       All systems must be improved to match the context of global changing. Nowadays, Thailand universities have excess admission seats compared to numbers of secondary students finishing their schools. It can result in smart work force shortage. Moreover, Thai curriculum adjustment now becomes out of date for the time of interdisciplinary education. Thailand now can have only slow educational improvement compared to the global change. The government then try to support the operation of “New Generation of Graduation” to have more flexibility, readiness, to work in the time of interdisciplinary works, to get ready for high-tech digital and big data professions. Moreover, united workforce system in the pattern of “Thailand Team” must be coped to manage smart workers dispersed over workplaces to meet the smart cooperative function. It must be beneficial technique to make Thailand live the survival life throughout the time of the modern technology and innovation.

    Though the strategy of Thailand 4.0 is the one of being right because it is only single policy to drive the nation by knowledge, innovation, and people of being higher valued improvement; however, reaching achievement is rather hard because persuasion any government organization, educational place, and industry to cooperatively work is really double tough. It always returns to working of individual styles of varieties of methods, strategies, and intention; doing without being united must provide power of no driving force.

    Government must manage proper project manager to do as the project host; the one must be fully complete of passionate personality to be stronger enough to drive the mission come practically real. Some exemplified case may be presented; Manhattan Project, the period of nuclear weapon development in USA, during the incident of the World War II, 1939-1945, when having competition of nuclear weapon development against Germany Nazi. Such project may or may not be useful for the world was not the considered point, but the actual point is only that to surly survive in the war incident. Such project was really hard one in the history, enormous investment of 2,000 million dollar at that time had been paid and 130 thousand workers and 6000 scientists were cooperatively working through the project.

    All the project movement was under only the hard management of Dr.Robert Oppenheimer, the physicist of only 38 years of age working as the project manager. He must cooperate with others and had to manage differences under the most critical period. Working with varieties of thought from many thousands of scientists, many governors of no united being, many soldiers of different power, many educational officers of definitely different backgrounds, was absolutely tough, but he was very resolute and tolerant under the definite nation’s mission; Dr. Robert Oppenheimer could beat the hardest obstacle of the world within 3 years only.      

   If we can understandingly learn the process transforming of policy into operating to meet the required target from this case, we must properly be going to screen for some new smart brave powerful generation one like Dr. Robert Oppenheimer’s to be the practical host of the promising project. It must be believed that Thailand always still has such many new ones of smart required for the improvement destiny.

   It is about time Thai people must absolutely be open-minded and must believe in such the new generation to manage any major project of the nation with mission of burden to activate newcomers of heartfelt being to be ready for brighter Thailand destiny. Old fashioned management must never be applied anymore if the required great achievement is needed.




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