Traffic Flood (waiting for drainage)


Looking forward to Thailand Destiny… Prof.Dr.Suchatvee Suwansawat, the speaker of the Council of University President of Thailand : CUPT
...Traffic Flood (waiting for drainage)..

Terrible raining Firday of monthend always results in terrible traffic that Bangkokian terribly face even though they are accustomed to it, they always have big complaint for the terrible slothful traffic movement for many hard hours.  The amount of raining never becomes lower for the fact of warmer globe with unstable weather condition. The destiny of Bangkok may sink lower than the sea water level if no practical plan is coped.

Many suffered victims competitively shared their hard times; some complaint about what is going on, why only little rain causes big flood over alley? Why main roads such as Vibhavadi, Rajada, Lad Plaw, Sukhumvit, always stay flooded even there are many canals around with the Giant Drainage Tunnel, why unfunctional, what is going on Bangkok?

To clearly understand the problems happening in Bangkok, its geography must be known that Bangkok locates on the lowland coming from the Chao Phraya River delta. In the past they appeared many disasters of underwater pumping causing of land sliding, some areas become lower than that of sea water level or main canals, some major areas such as that of Sukhumvit stays 2 meters lower than that of the Chao Phraya River.

   It means that whenever raining, the traffic flood must be pumped upwards to canals and finally to the Chao Phraya River.

 Unfortunately, coming of civilization of the city causes higher level of road and main drainage tunnels while lower level of drainage tubes along Soi or alleys, traffic flood then not only come from rain but also undrainable one.

More seriously, flood over Sois must be individually coped under its authorization of management only, no cooperation can be processed.

When ever having rain, Sois or alleys always become river over some parts of the alleys, big water pump can run only short time for the fact that the flooded water is not staying in the same area, the big pump must be moved to other flooded ones… again and again… the Sois so stay under flood.

At the Giant Drainage Tunnel at Rama 9 Swamp, drained water hardly reaches, then the Tunnel becomes dry. The water around Ramkhamhaeng areas always stay along the long swamp and hardly to be flown towards the Giant Drainage Tunnels. Interesting theory will never be matched to proper performing. Finally, the flood problems always stay forever.

Canals in Bangkok originally came from irrigation proposes to keep big enough water over the source ends of water, so the width of the source one become biggest at about 20 meters in some canals and at the ends of the one become narrower to proper manage the water for the agricultural crops, only few meters width then appear for management of longer placement of water resource. The Bangkok’s canals are not for drainage but for plants, mostly.

The practical technique to drain the flood effectively must rely on about 2000 big major water pumps cooperatively work with minor ones along many smaller areas to pump flood from places to places to be kept in temporary individual Kam Ling or individual flood tank of each Soi or alley to keep water for a while before being properly systematically drained to the defined areas after the rain stopping, finally.

The solution to the traffic flood (waiting for be drained) may become easier than ever, because Bangkokians suffer only softer one than that of Tokyo’s, Kuala Lumpur’s, and Amsterdam’s;  

The right solution to the right suffering must be synergy; the ways for water….

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