‘Underground Kaem Ling Project’ Tokyo

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Prof.Dr.Suchatvee Suwansawat, the president of Council of University Presidents of Thailand

‘Underground Kaem Ling Project’ Tokyo

Last week, Bangkok seriously was attacked by summer thunderstorm with being on edge of serious flood because Bangkok is completely subtle for serious rain and flood incident.  Actually, Bangkokians always exactly belief that serious traffic flood will be absolutely impossible to be preventively corrected.

The president said;

   ….He used to visit Tokyo to study the flood protection system of Japan that can be the total solution of the country. Normally, Tokyo and Bangkok are under the same condition of flood problem actually in summertime, there will be 7-12 Typhoon incidents annually and in 1950 – 1970 it had many terrible floods in Japan, especially in 1959 terrible typhoon caused the death toll of 5,000 people and seriously destroyed Japan’s economic condition.

      …Serious flood problems of Bangkok are identical to those of Tokyo, it is because the area of the capital is lower than sea level because in the past time many industries had irrigated water from the rivers for their consumption. It must be the consequence of land sliding and returning to be lower basin especially around the northern areas of Tokyo, it may be similar to that of Ramkhamhaeng’s, Thailand. Some areas around Ramkhamhaeng become lower than that of the moderate level one without mentioning to the water levels of rivers and Chao Phraya River actually at 2 meters higher than Sukhumvit Road. It means that whenever having rained around, the road having blocked water would hardly be naturally drained. The blocked water from the major drainage pipe along the main road always flew into lower alleys.   

      …Finally, flood always has become the actual problem forever, to drain the flood water from alleys to the main drainage pipe became inconvenient; Bangkok Metropolitan will construct the giant drainage tunnel to flow the big amount of water to Rama IX Swamp and more flow into the underground tunnel along Khlong Saen Saep (Saen Saep Canal) to be consequently drained into the Chao Phraya River at Prakanong Pump Station Metropolitan Waterworks Authority. The problem is that the water level around the area is lower than and could not be drained to the required tunnel end; no water drained along the tunnel, and the water will remain around the lower land forever. It looks similar to that of Tokyo, and finally, such impossible solution must waste more budget of the nation, absolutely.

     … For Tokyo, the solution to the flood problem is to construct Kaem Ling or reservoir under the main drainage pipe of the city. Whenever water from thunderstorm is at critical level, the valve of the constructed system will automatically open to drain the critical water to the 5 giant Underground Kaem Lings or reservoirs, the ones with diameter of 32 meters, depth of 65 meters, each, the very rapid drainage then could be worked. Each reservoir will be networked with giant draining pipe with the diameter of 10 meters and the length of 6.4 kilometers to receive and release simultaneously before being processed at the 5 giant underground reservoirs. It is comparatively like the giant water tanks with the length of 177 meters, width of 78 meters, and the depth of 25 meters, its capacity will be at 350 thousand cubic meters to be commonly helpful for the giant water pumping towards the Edogawa River having the clay wall with the height of about 10 meters along the river. Such the high wall can keep the drained water level higher suitable for natural draining toward Tokyo Gulf, finally.

   … The giant water pumps driven by the 4 Boeing 737 jet’s engines with the water draining capacity of 200 cubic meters per second were installed and such the ones must be the biggest and most powerful drainage system of the world. Such that of the underground Kaem Lings or reservoirs for critical flood solution of Tokyo should be practically considered for being applied for the solution of the Bangkok’s as well.

   … He used to frequently write the column of “The Underground Kaem Lings or Reservoirs” and when having great time to visit that of Tokyo’s by self, he became more self-confident; Bangkok’s must be technically possible, as well.

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