Watch little “Ink”, the little young girl of 14, the KMITL’s international Engineering student, in The Change Kids program show;

Let all KMITL’s members watch the show program of #the change kids (#คิดส์เปลี่ยนโลก), watch “the little girl “Ink – Passara Chanchotisatien”, 14 years old, studying in Computer Innovation Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, KMITL; she can pass the official KMITL’s admission since she was junior high school student (grade 6-8) when she was only 13, (She can pass the open examination or equivalence test of junior high school student.)

What is her reason to choose the short-cut study to be graduate student of KMITL, and how will she do more? Please watch the show of “The Change Kids : Being  Genius Graduate at too young age of childhood.”

Anyone missing the show can follow the Previous show of such program at  

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