01006001-3 Engineering Mathematics 1-3
Academic Year 2012

Announcement for Instructors
  • Meeting Schedule

    Date/Place Issue
    11th May 2012
    ME-205 at 9:30am
    Master plan for academic year 2012.
    29th May 2012
    E12-202 at 9:00am
    WileyPLUS Training and Instructor Meeting
Announcement for Teaching Assistants
  • Meeting Schedule
    Date Issue
    10th July Master plan
Announcement for Students
  • Students can purchase the textbook bundled with WileyPLUS at the price of 870 baht on 6th June, 2012 at KMITL main auditorium.
  • WileyPLUS Student Training on Sunday 17th June 2012
  • (15/06/2012) Please check homework availiability in Math 1 Course Syllabus.
  • (20/06/2012) Please do not change the WileyPLUS password until further notice!
  • (20/06/2012) Orientation Day Document
  • (21/06/2012) The registered e-mail addresses on WileyPLUS will be corrected, the second WileyPLUS assignment is postponed to until further notice.
  • (21/06/2012) IMPORTANT!!! Students must be aware of the Student License Agreement. The WileyPLUS is for personal use only. This means students neither can capture and post the picture to ask for the solution anywhere nor distribute any content to any third party. The violation of the agreement, your WileyPLUS account will be deactivated without any prior warning.
  • (01/07/2012) Please loggin to WileyPLUS with your real e-mail address (s5xxxxxx@kmitl.ac.th, i.e. not s55 anymore) and do change your password after your successful login.
  • (05/07/2012) The last WileyPLUS Clinic is on Friday 6th July at 12th-Floored Buildings.
  • (10/07/2510) IMPORTANT!! Due to many security reasons, all students must change your own password to something else apart from the student ID. It must be done before 6.00am Friday 13th July, otherwise, your account will be deactivated (i.e. cannot use WileyPLUS anymore). Please see the announcement in the WileyPLUS for more detail.
  • (10/07/2012) All students have to submit the homeworks to TAs between 4.00pm-5.30pm, on the due date, at the grounded floor of the lecture theatres in front of 12-floored building. The students should hand in the homeworks by their owns and sign in for the confirmation of the submission. Oherwise, there is no one responsible for loosing of any homework.


  • (11/07/2012) Homework HW01, the place for submission is changed to the faculty of engineering's main auditorium (There are TAs for submitting the homework at lecture theatres in front of 12-floored building as well.).
  • (22/07/2012) Please read the midterm guideline in WileyPLUS anouncement.

Hughes-Hallett et al. Calculus: Single and Multivariable 5th Edition International Student Version, John Wiley & Sons, 2010. ISBN: 978-0470-40944-2
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