01044406 Basic VLSI Design

(Second Semester, 2010)  Year 4, Electronic Engineering
S. Choomchuay



02/17/2011 12:31 PM

Materials available to the course are pre-allocated to students of the department of Electronics and can be freely downloaded. Errors, comments and feedback report to: kchsomsa@kmitl.ac.th 

 Course Outline: New update 2010

PART I (MOS & Low Level Design)

1. Introduction to VLSI Design & System, (PPT)
2. Physics of MOS Transistor, (pdf)
3. Physical Design (pdf, PPT)
4. CMOS Circuit Technique (1) (pdf, PPT)
5. CMOS Circuit Technique (2) (pdf)
6. VLSI Arithmetic (pdf, PPT1, PPT2)
7. Memory (RAM & ROM) (PPT)
8. Interconnection (PPT)
9. Whole chip Consideration; Final wrap (PPT)

Assignment I (VLSI Circuits in Computer)
- Students are asked to study and write a summary report on one of the following topics:

Barrel Shifter
Carry look ahead adder
Carry safe adder
2-level Booth Coding

** Submit your reports by 24 February 2011

PART II (Hardware Description Language)

Assignment II, Case Practice II (Self-exploit on VHDL)
- VHDL tool is available in the department lab
- Students are asked to design a 4x4 bit 2's compliment multiplier with HDL (Just VHDL or Verilog code and simulation results are required)
- You are free to choose Ripple carry adder of Carry look-ahead adder in your design

** Submit your reports by 28 February 2011